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We get a few questions asked of us again and again, so we figured we'd put some of those answers up here so folks wouldn't have to use all those "words" and be forced into actual human interaction...

What is your position on Sunday Liquor Sales in Minnesota?
We are strong proponents for Sunday Liquor Sales. We've supported the Minnesota Beer Activists both ideologically and financially, we've testified when the bill came up for debate and appeared on television to support a change in the law. So yeah, you could say we'd like this outdated Blue Law dumped. Sunday is the most important shopping day of the week and we believe that retailers should have the option whether to stay open or not.

How much Pappy Van Winkle did you get this year?
It's our policy not to talk about allocations in specific terms. We prefer simple, caveman style responses like, "ungh, we got lots!" or "urrrnfh, we got little" Talking about all those cases we get of Pappy Van Winkle we get each month or the forklifts required to move them only gets other retailers undies in a bunch and our suppliers yelled at.

Will you sell me some of that Pappy?
All highly allocated items such as the Van Winkle and Buffalo Trace Antique Collection releases are governed by our Allocated Items Policy. Save yourself a headache and check that out before calling, writing, or offering your first born to us.

Why the heck is it so dang cold in your store?
Beer's sworn enemies are heat and light and we do everything in our power to keep our little buddies on the shelf happy. We've blocked all natural light from the windows, we keep the mercury low, and all but three bulbs in the shop are narrow band LED's. The LED's eliminate the ultraviolet rays found in fluorescent and incandescent bulbs that skunk beer.

We are looking to buy local, what can you offer?
We're glad to hear you say that! We think shopping local businesses and buying local product is awesome! We've even reserved a little spot in our corner of the interwebs for the local products we sell.

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