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Ace Spirits Single Barrel Selections

Exclusive Hand Selected Whiskey Barrels from Ace Spirits

Hand selected whiskey barrels by Ace Spirits mean you get the very best quality product at an attractive price.

When you bill yourself as a whiskey shop, you damn well better believe in the products you sell. These here are some of our favorites- at least the distillers that would sell us entire barrels! When possible, we have our whiskey bottled at barrel strength and we only select barrels that we stand behind. Whiskey barrels can take some time to get in, so stay tuned for more arrivals!

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    Copper & King's American Brandy aged in a Woodford Reserve barrel and bottled at cask strength. Cask strength brandy is nearly unheard of, and this brandy knocked our socks off. Blind tasted, you would be hard pressed to discren the difference between this and a delicious bottle of whiskey. A MUST TRY!!!

    Want to know more? Read all about the selection process by reading our blog post.

    copper & kings barrel selection
    Copper & Kings Cask Strength Bourbon Finished Brandy- Single Barrel Selection
    Our Price: $64.99

    64% Corn, 31.5% Rye, an 4.5% Malted Barley aged in new oak delivers a unique, sweet flavor profile that is a great sipper and a step up for that crown fanatic. Currently, this whisky is only available through a barrel program and every barrel is unique, so you won't find this splashed all over town.">
    Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel Whisky #4334-504- Ace Spirits Selection
    Our Price: $64.99
    Click here for a copy of the report.

    After the two year period was complete we blended most of the whiskey into our inventory but saved two barrels as “Reserve stock.” We presented this unique opportunity to Ace Spirits who selected one of the two barrels.

    This Hybrid barrel contains American oak, French Oak, and Eastern European Oak from Slovakia. All were charred and toasted at medium (#3) levels.

    Our experience from tasting the different barrels was that the American Oak, our standard, had the highest vanillin development resulting in a more typical American sweet profile, The French and Eastern Euro Oaks were significantly drier and much higher in tannin levels. And the Hybrid did the best job of introducing more tannin, but balancing with the vanillin profile. Way higher oak flavors, but not to the point of eliminating the vanilla content compared to American Oak.

    This particular barrel Hybrid 1, was one of two filled on 8/9/11. The barrel was dumped and bottled just prior to shipping to Ace Spirits in May 2015."">
    Dry Fly Cask Strength 3 Year Old Wheat Whiskey- Ace Spirits Single Barrel Selection
    Our Price: $44.98
    Compare at: $60.00

    The brand carries the name of the Rev. Elijah Craig, the man who discovered the method of making true Kentucky Bourbon when he stored his wares in barrels that had been charred in a fire.

    Nose: About as complete a Bourbon aroma as you are likely to find...Near miraculous: one of the most beautiful noses found anywhere in the world today.

    Taste: A bourbon to keep in the mouth forever...

    Comments: Perhaps one of my favorite five or six bourbons and ... perhaps at its best just before bed. Brilliant.">
    Elijah Craig 9 Year Old Bourbon- Ace Spirits Single Barrel Selection
    Our Price: $24.99
    visited the distillery, fell in love, and just had to score one of these sought after barrels.">
    Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Single Barrel & Free Flithy Cherries- Ace Spirits Selection
    Our Price: $46.98
    Compare at: $58.00
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