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Ace Spirits- Great Whiskey Giveaway

The Great Whiskey Giveaway!

It seems that we both have something the other wants. You, of course, are looking for bottles of Pappy Van Winkle, George T. Stagg and other rare whiskies and like that nagging ex-girlfriend, we are just looking for someone to talk to. How 'bout we make a deal?

pappy van winkle, george t stagg, eagle rare and jameson rarest reserve giveaway

Starting in April 2014 and every month thereafter, we will be holding one drawing for our newsletter subscribers and one for those that sign up in store. Each drawing will be for some of the most highly coveted whiskey in the world, and we are GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE! Here's the schedule:

April 26, 2014: Jameson Rarest Vintage We will be opening a bottle of Jameson Rarest Vintage and giving two away at that time. This is Jameson's top of the line and is nearly impossible to get a hold of.
May 31, 2014: Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon Bottles Eagle Rare 17 Year will be opened and two will be given away. This rarity from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is quite scarce and this event should not be missed.
June 28, 2014 George T. Stagg Bourbon Two bottles of the coveted George T. Stagg will be given away at a very special tasting event
July 26, 2014Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year Old Bourbon The big poppa of all bourbon- Pappy Van Winkle, will be opened and two will be given away.

For the Losers- Instant Coupon

Hey there, don't be sad. As a new company our subscriber base is painfully low, so your odds of winning are better than getting syphilis from a Craigslist hookup. Nonetheless, we want to make it worth your while by kicking in an instant deal sweetener. Right after you sign up, we'll email you a coupon for use in the store or on our website. No luck required.

Just Want to Try it ALL?

If you're in the neighborhood attend one of our tastings and sample everything we are giving away. Woot!

More details for the inquisitive...

No purchase is necessary to enter this contest and a purchase will not increase your odds of winning. You do not need to be present to win. Winner can opt for store credit for the value of the bottles. Delivery charges (if any) are to be paid by the winner.


Your email address is kept confidential and will never be shared or sold. We won't bug the heck out of you- we send about one highly relevant email a month, and at the bottom of every one is a handy "unsubscribe" button that you can passive aggressively flip us the e-bird at any time.
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