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Aberlour Distillery

Although the current distillery was officially founded in 1879 by entrepreneur James Fleming, there was already another distillery in the town of Aberlour, built in 1826. However, even as the new facility was being built, the old Aberlour distillery burned down, and Fleming decided simply to reuse the name.

The son of a local farmer, Fleming eventually became a grain dealer. Several of his customers were whisky distillers, and he was inspired to establish his own distillery. He acquired land and began construction, and within a year was producing spirit.

Unfortunately, the new distillery fared little better than the old one, at least initially. In 1892, Fleming sold to new owners, but within seven years, the new Aberlour distillery also suffered a fire which damaged much of the facility. However, the new owners simply rebuilt on the spot, and even expanded the operations with help from a local architect.

After this setback, the distillery began to flourish, and capacity was doubled 75 years later with the addition of two new stills, of course designed to match the existing pair as closely as possible to preserve the character of the spirit produced.
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