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Allocated Items Policy0 Ace Spirits

Several times a year, Ace Spirits receives a small handful of highly allocated items that many handfuls of people want. To ensure fairness, we have been forced to institute a lottery policy for these items that is described below. This policy will not be broken or even bent- please do not ask. Any questions asked via email or phone will remain unanswered as they are all outlined here. Good Luck!

Current Lottery: BTAC & Van Winkle Family Whiskey
Drawing Closes: FRIDAY DECEMBER 14TH.
Van Winkle Tasting Event: DECEMBER 15TH, 7PM (IN STORE SIGNUP ONLY)
Online Signup:Click Here

Our basic lottery rules are quite simple:

-You must be 21 Years of age or older with valid identification.
-Entries must be made IN STORE or ONLINE ONLY.
-No entries via phone, email, carrier pigeon, etc.
-Only one entry per person per lottery
-Entries can not be made on behalf of another person.
-Only available to customers in the states we do business in (see below)
Ace Spirits Shipping Map- Liquor Delivery

But here are some additional details...

We are reserving the bulk of the product for customers who stop into the store and enter their email address into our iPad by the register (those attending the class are automatically registered). A separate lottery will be held for interested customers online. In store customers are welcome to register for both.

On the date of the drawing, a random list will be drawn from the entries and we will email the winners with what is available along with prices. The winners will have the ability to choose a single bottle to purchase at the listed prices.

The first winner has the pick of the litter, the second chooses from what remains and so on.... winners will have 24 hours to respond with their choices before their winning slot is given up to the next lowest person on the winners list. Winners must present ID and purchase their bottles within 48 hours of notification or their bottle will be returned to inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions
I want the Pappiez, how many bottles will be available?
It is our policy not to disclose allocations.

Is there a charge to participate?
No purchase is necessary and a purchase will not improve your chances of winning.

What will the prices be?
Follow the product link above for the price of bottles in the current lottery. As for future lotteries, product is priced as we receive it- we don't know costs (and therefore retail prices) before hand.

Am I committed to anything by entering?
Not at all. You can certainly pass.

What about items like Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms, Orphan Barrel and others that are listed as "ALLOCATED" but are not in the lottery?
These are held for in store customers only. We put them on the shelf from time to time without notice and we do not disclose availability to callers. We want to reward our regular, in store customers. We get lonely out here!

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