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Anejo Tequila

Anejo tequila has been aged for longer than 12 months in oak and is the richest and typically darkest of all the tequilas. With the expanding interest in the anejo category- especially by whisky and cognac enthusiasts, more and more tequilas are being released that are 3 years old or older. In 2006, a special designation of Extra Anejo was added to help categorize these special bottles.
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    1800 Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $53.99
    1921 Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $56.99
    Arette Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $34.99

    Arrogante Anejo is aged in small oak barrels for 18 months; during this time alcohol mellows and its interaction with wood significantly changes tequila's color and flavor profile. The result is the luxuriously smooth liquor rich in vanilla and caramel notes, which still retains its charming, honeyed baked agave flavors. Arrogante Anejo is designed to be sipped and savored. We recommend to use either Glencairn whiskey glass or a stemmed brandy glass; narrowed, tulip-shaped brim of the snifter lets the aficionado "nose" their tequila—meaning you can immerse yourself in the aroma in order to better appreciate the complex taste of the aged anejo.">
    Arrogante Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $46.99
    Ayate Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $103.99
    Bribon Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $39.99
    Casa Noble Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $54.99
    Casamigos Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $59.99
    Cenote Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $69.99
    Centinela Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $64.99
    Chinaco Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $54.99
    Clase Azul Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $514.99
    Codigo 1530 Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $114.99
    Don Fulano Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $87.99
    Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $114.98
    Compare at: $140.00
    Don Julio Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $54.99
    El Jimador Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $24.99
    El Mayor Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $46.49
    El Tesoro Anejo de Don Felipe Tequila
    Our Price: $54.97
    Compare at: $67.00
    El Tesoro Tequila Extra Anejo
    Our Price: $79.98
    Compare at: $98.00
    Espanita Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $38.99
    Espolon Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $41.49
    Herradura Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $47.99
    Ilegal Mezcal Anejo
    Our Price: $114.99
    La Adelita Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $60.99
    Lapis Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $81.99
    Los Arango Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $58.99
    Los Nahuales Anejo Mezcal
    Our Price: $99.99
    Los Osuna Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $64.99
    Lunazul Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $26.99
    Mezcal Nucano Anejo
    Our Price: $54.99
    Milagro Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $51.99
    Partida Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $61.49
    Patron Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $56.99
    Prospero Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $53.99

    Native highlander and master distiller Enrique Fonseca employees unique technique with Purasangre, distilling earthy Atotonilco El Alto agave first in stainless steel alembic pot stills followed by a second distillation in copper pots. The tequila is both rich and balanced, with a distinctive agave flavor inherent of Atotonilco’s 5,200’elevation. In keeping with Casa Xalixco’s house preference, the Reposado and Añejo varieties are barreled in French oak casks.">
    Purasangre Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $61.99
    Revel Avila Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $149.99
    Riazul Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $57.99
    Roca Patron Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $89.99
    Rooster Rojo Anejo
    Our Price: $31.99
    Rudo Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $34.99
    Sauza Hornitos Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $21.98
    Compare at: $27.00
    Sauza Hornitos Tequila Anejo Black Barrel
    Our Price: $19.98
    Compare at: $30.00
    Sparkle Donkey Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $42.99
    Tecnico Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $34.99
    Tequila Avion Anejo
    Our Price: $52.99
    Tequila Corralejo Anejo
    Our Price: $44.99

    Second, Tequila Ocho demonstrates that "terroir" exists in agave. We demonstrate this annually with new vintages drawn from our single estates at varying altitudes in Arandas, Jalisco, ensuring each vintage is distinct in aroma and flavor. Since each estate, or "rancho," produces a limited amount of agave, each vintage of Ocho is both rare and collectible. Every bottle is hand numbered.

    Third, Ocho is the first tequila to. designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the agave was sourced. Each is noted on the front label to confirm their authenticity.

    Finally, Tequila Ocho "opens up and develops" in the glass the same way a fine wine does.">
    Tequila Ocho Anejo
    Our Price: $78.99
    Terralta Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $59.99
    Tosco Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $66.99
    Tres Agaves Anejo Tequila
    Our Price: $47.99
    Trianon Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $68.99
    Tributo Tequila Anejo
    Our Price: $47.99
    Xicaru Mezcal Anejo
    Our Price: $54.99
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