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From the Producer: "Our story began in Durbach, Germany. The Black Forest. The year was 1828 and August Schell was born. He was raised mainly on sausage and hearty beer. At 20, August bid his family farewell and set out for the United States, never to return.

His journey began in New Orleans and continued for another 1,500 miles with his wife and two baby daughters. They joined forces with a handful of German ex-pats, struggling in a new settlement. Together, they co-founded New Ulm, Minnesota.

He took a job in a flour mill grinding and repairing. Backbreaking, hard work and the creation of four more children made August thirsty. And when finding a good, German beer proved difficult, he made his own. August laid the first brick of the Schell brewing legacy in the Fall of 1860.

The brewery sat along the banks of the Cottonwood River, where itís been for over a century. A picturesque, practical location. The river was transportation. It was also refrigeration. The Schells harvested ice from the Cottonwood and hauled it to underground caverns beneath the brewery. The beer aged and fermented there in the spring and early summer. Unless the gnomes got to it first.

The brewery prospered until 1919, when Prohibition banished happiness and dried the country. In 14 years it wiped out 1,300 breweries. Schellís was among those still standing when it was finally repealed.

Throughout the years, the Schellís family faced adversity. The light beer craze. Disco. Low-carb diets. Their brewing tradition persevered. As the brewery evolved, so did the beer. True in American pioneer spirit, Schellís challenged traditional German brewing ideals while simultaneously paying homage to its roots.

Schellís has been passed down through six generations. Brewmasters remain dedicated to German tradition, most training in the Fatherland. As of 2013, Schellís has crafted over 100 different varieties of German-inspired brews. They will keep making German Craft Beer until people stop enjoying beer. Which clearly wonít be happening."
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