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Black Rock Spirits

From the Producer- "Black Rock Spirits values products that are fun and interesting, but above all high-quality.

We know that we could skimp on costs, produce a vodka thatís made with the cheapest commodity grains out there (like 95% of the vodka on the market), or import a tequila thatís not 100% agave, but we think youíd notice if we did. We donít think you have to be serious all the time about what youíre drinking, or aspire to be a rock star by buying a $20 shot of booze. But we do think that quality matters. We think youíll taste the difference without having to pay an exorbitant price for that quality.

Black Rock Spirits was started by three good friends from Seattle. Weíre a small growing company without the huge budget of the mass-market brands, but we strive to make your experience with us the best. "
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