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We love beer here at Ace Spirits and we love learning all about the people and places where craft beer is brewed. When you shop for beer, you can stare listlessly at an overwhelming wall of selection or you can make an informed decision. We think the back-story colors the experience of enjoying beer and that's why we've dedicated a bit of time to learnin' up on the great breweries we represent. A lot of these folks started out brewing beer in their basements and now look at them... all growed up.
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    Bent Paddle Brewing

    Castle Danger beers are all designed with a flavor profile in mind. We may start with a base style, but expand upon it to create something unique. There are hundreds of great beers that are true-to-style available in the beer market. We prefer to use traditional brewing practices to produce unique, flavorful beers. In our minds, this is the only way to approach brewing."">
    Castle Danger Brewery

    But before I could tell this tale, I would need to establish something I had not had in years–a home. I would need women and men with stout hands and hearty hearts. I would need the various apparatus required to continue my experiments. In short, I would need a brewery.

    I found myself back home in Minneapolis, where such things are found, and in short time my enterprise was up and running. Having created Insight Brewing, I finally sat down to write, and soon grew thirsty…"">
    Insight Brewing
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