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Temperance Trader Chinato Barrel Aged Whiskey 375ML

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Product Description
If you enjoy a good Manhattan cocktail or a fine port, you'll love our Chinato Barrel Aged Bourbon, with its rich flavor and notes of ripe fruit, oak and spices. The barrels come to us compliments of our friends at Cana's Feast Winery in Carlton, Oregon, where they were used to age their beautiful Chinato D'Erbetti — an Italian style sweet vermouth. We prefer to savor this one straight, but it will also do wonders for many of your favorite whiskey cocktails. Cin Cin.

The Taste: With a nose of prune, oak and spice, the flavor starts with spice, vanilla and raisin. The finish is long and lingering with notes of raisin, vanilla, spice and oak… and then more raisin.

Serving Notes: A match made in heaven for Manhattan cocktails and perfectly pleasurable served alone neat or on the rocks.

Pairing: Black currant, orange, vanilla and cedar wood.

Very small batch, high-rye bourbon, 65% corn, 25% rye and 10% malted barley and each barrel is a aged a minimum of 4 years in new bourbon barrels and then aged and additional year in sweet Vermouth barrels.
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