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2004 Old Pulteney 13 Year Old Single Malt Scotch- Ace Spirits Selection 750ML

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Product Description
We love Old Pulteney expressions, so of course when they said there would be only a few barrels released to key accounts in the US, we jumped at the chance to pick a barrel. And we fell in love with this barrel- an amped up ABV of 55.2% and coming from a first-fill American oak ex-bourbon barrel, this expression has a whole lot of attitude.

Rich, creamy, spicy, vanillas and caramels dominate with subtle coconut undertones. A crackin' dram if there ever was one.

The Pulteney Distillery lies on the rugged northern coast of Scotland and is one of the northernmost distilleries in the country. Hand-crafted in the port of Wick since 1826, this fine single malt is steeped in seafaring history. In its early days, the windswept site was only accessible by sea and, as Wick was at the time one of the busiest herring ports in the world, many of the distillery workers were also hardy fishermen.

Today, Old Pulteney Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is created using the same traditional methods of the 1800’s. The copper wash still, in

particular, is a source of fascination to visitors due to the absence of a 'swan neck’. Legend has it that, when the still was delivered, it was too tall for the still house and the manager simply decided to cut the top off! This shape, known as a "smuggler’s kettle", contributes to the distinctive style of our whisky. It has also influenced the unique shape of the bottle.

This limited edition bottling is drawn from a single first fill ex-Bourbon cask of unrivalled distinction. Hand-picked by Ace Spirits and Pulteney Distillery Manager Malcolm Waring and matured at the distillery since 2004, this exceptional whisky embodies the richness and charisma of its coastal home. It is little wonder that Old Pulteney is known as 'The Maritime Malt'.
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