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From the Producer- "From start to finish, every step of the production of every drop of our products occurs under our control in our facility in New Richmond, WI. Our more traditional method of production perhaps requires more effort and is more costly than other more vogue methods, but it is our way of being assured the highest quality of Spirits is in our bottles.

As a small batch producer, we use taste and smell to determine the level of filtration needed for each individual batch. Our premium vodka has no additives or artificial flavorings. We carefully preserve the positive qualities provided by the grain. Our products’ natural flavors and bodies are maintained through a stringent and meticulous process and by not over filtering.

Our slow, methodical techniques sacrifice efficiencies to provide you with the only the finest quality of artisan spirits. Essentially, we take our time, and it pays off in the smooth quality of spirits you enjoy. We don’t just say we’re handcrafted… we really are.
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