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Balvenie 21 Year Old Portwood Finished Scotch

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The Balvenie Distillery has been owned and managed by an independent family company for five generations.  This has ensured that the Balvenie Distillery is still dedicated to the traditions, care and craftsmanship of malt whisky making.  Nowhere else will you find a Distillery that still grows its own barley, that still malts its own traditional floor maltings, that still has coopers to tend the casks and that still has a coppersmith to tend the stills. 

From this distillery comes the Balvenie Portwood.  Whisky matured in two different casks of different character has a richer, deeper more complex character than that matured in a single cask.  During maturation, the Balvenie PortWood is transferred from a traditional oak whisky cask in which it has been matured for 21 years to an original port cask thereby acquiring character from both casks.  the result is a malt with honeyed tones of distinctive and robust character.
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