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Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

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The source, Lochan an Doire Uaine, (Gaelic for 'lake in the green grove'), lies at 2,000 feet in the Drumochter Hills. From it, all the pure spring water used in distilling Dalwhinnie™ flows over rich local peat through Allt an t'Sluic, the distillery burn. No other distillery may use the water from this source – therefore no other distillery is able to yield Dalwhinnie’s uniquely clean, accessible, malty sweet taste, giving way to a smooth and smoky Highland mouthfeel.

Dalwhinnie distillery is situated between the gentle, grassy style of the Lowlands and the austere, firm body of Speyside, which begins some 25 miles to the north. The style is that of the Highlands- a resilient marriage of gentleness and spirit. As befits a malt from such a place, Dalwhinnie defies simple description.

Too gratifying for an aperitif alone, yet too gentle and delicate to be thought rugged or unapproachable- this combination of delicacy and depth sets it apart. The Highland peatiness is very restrained at first, balanced by heathery sweetness, but intensifies toward the finish. Clear flavours against a very clean background. A good aperitif.

Michael Jackson- whisky writer and expert.

Our Take:
This is a nice over the top floral whiskey from the Central Highlands. It refrains from being one dimensional in that the floral character consists of many different floral components, and is accentuated by a lively, delicate herbal backing. I like the light delicacies of this whiskey. It may not hold up to a cigar or even a meal, but not all whiskies need to. It will, however, certainly hold up to contemplation around a fireplace, and that should be a goal all whisky aims to achieve.

Aroma: heavily floral with complete flower bed going on including pollen, some sweet bourbon oak in the background, herbs (thyme, parsley, oregano)
Taste: more bourbon oak than the aroma, continuing flower bed, flower shop, fewer herbs than in the aroma
Finish: quickly dissipates, mild heat that fades fast
Feel: smooth, otherwise nondescript Overall:
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