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Herradura Tequila

From the Producer: "Welcome to Casa Herradura. Here, we don’t settle for what’s expected. As the last true tequila-producing Hacienda on the planet, our sip-grade tequilas have been handcrafted and barrel-aged beyond industry standards since 1870. It’s how we introduced the world to the first ever Reposado tequila; creating an entirely new category that others would come to follow. And it’s why our Jimadors brave the harvest every day to gather only the highest-quality 100% agave nectar.

We don’t do it because it’s easy. We do it because our legendary innovation and dedication to tradition have made us the World’s Most Gold Medal-Awarded Tequila* - ever. We do it because over 145 years of being Mexico’s finest premium tequila means we’re doing something right.

Explore the expressions, and make tonight’s cocktail exceptional."
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