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Infuse Bitters Aromatic Bourbon 120ML

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The perfect choice for the whiskey-lovers in your life. Aromatic Bourbon is one of the few bitters in the marketplace that uses real bourbon as a base solution - Infuse Spirit's very own Broken Barrel Bourbon. The seven-ingredient infusion is full of oak from the whiskey barrels, lush with sweetness from the cranberries, and acutely bitter from the all-natural roots and spices such as licorice and star anise. Add it to any whiskey classic for a tartier and tastier boozy experience!

Infuse Bitters Cardamom ( Cardamom is our most delicate bitter. Containing high levels of linalool and linalyl acetate, it is not only fragrant but stress-reducing. You can bring delicateness to a bright classic, like a Gin & Tonic or Moscow Mule, or intensify chai notes in your favorite morning cappuccino or latte.

Infuse Bitters Cassia Bark ( Cassia Bark uses only one key ingredient: pure, raw cassia bark sourced from India. A type of cinnamon, Cassia Bark is a slightly spicier and smokier version of the beloved ceylon stick. An instant classic, Cassia Bark lends an edge to various cocktails. You cannot go wrong with traditional pairings, like apple, pear, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. But you can also go to funk town by mixing it with acidic ingredients, like citrus or pineapple, in tiki drinks or green juices.

Infuse Bitters Clove ( With the most powerful and intense aroma of all our bitters, Clove adds a rich and unique intensity to all recipes. But because Clove is so aromatic, it should be used sparingly via spray cap. Add half a spray to a holiday drink, hot punch, or sangria. Or even a full dash or two in no-bake desserts!

Infuse Bitters Ginger ( Ginger is our most popular flavor. It has a rich flavor profile that delivers a robust punch, intensifying any bland or boring cocktail. Use it to enhance any effervescent, bubbly and/or bright drink. Or even add it to your tea! Containing gingerol and shogaols, Ginger helps relieve cold symptoms by reducing pain and fever and suppressing coughing.-

Infuse Bitters Lemon Pepper ( With only sun-dried lemon peel bits and whole black pepper, Lemon Pepper is one of the most versatile of Infuse's bitters. It's savory, yet sweet, and is equally great in vinaigrettes as it is in a cocktail. Try it for a beautiful balance of citrus notes and a spicy, peppery finish.

Infuse Bitters Sassafras ( Loaded with dry sarsaparilla and six other spices and roots, Sassafrass is the real deal and tastes like a traditional root beer with a tighter, rounder vanilla sweetness. Combine it with any cola or whiskey classic for an intense root flavor and subtle tannic finish. Or dream up something dry with a Fernet pairing!

Infuse Bitters Szechuan ( Offering over 17 different unique and flavorful spices inside every single bottle, Szechuan Spice is one hell of a ride. Just as versatile in cooking, this type of spice blend is truly one-of-a-kind. Strong anise, licorice, and peppercorn flavors are perfectly balanced by numerous bittering roots and floral notes in the bitters. Try it in an Asian Old-Fashioned with your favorite Japanese whiskey or mix it into your favorite tiki drink for a little more spice.

Infuse Bitters Tres Amigos ( Some like it hot. Some like it really damn hot. But for those who want more, there's Tres Amigos. Containing an entire habanero, Thai chili, as well as a fourth of a Puya pepper, this fiery combination turns the heat up on anything. You want spicy tiki? Check. A spicy margarita? Check. An even spicier Bloody Maria? No problemo, amigo, with our Tres Amigos!

Infuse Spirits Origin ( Origin's nose is fresh and inviting. It has sweet notes that hint at light caramel and vanilla. Mimicking dessert the notes, Origin's body delivers a full-mouth feel that is well-rounded and balanced. On the mouth, there is a mild sweetness, followed by a mellow walnut character, yet the finish has the appropriate amount of edge. A shining, sparkling spirit, Origin is a perfect pour or cocktail base for any vodka fan.

Infuse Spirits Grapefruit ( This silver-medal winning infusion hit the scene in March, 2019. Launching as the company's third vodka to have ZERO grams of sugar, and just 64-calories per ounce, it is a natural choice for those seeking citrus and flavor. Infuse's Grapefruit vodka has a pink/yellow hue and bright floral-grapefruit peel aromas. The spirit feels astringent and sour on the tongue, opening up into an orchard of fresh flavors. Well-chilled, this makes the world's best greyhound.

Thank you so much for your help! All the best, Doug J.


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