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Hailing from North Carolina, Piedmont Distillers produces the White Lightnin', Hooch, Firewater or as they like to call it: Moonshine. If you've come to this spot to buy Midnight Moon Moonshine, well then, you've come to the right place.

Midnight Moon Moonshine has Junior Johnson's name right there on the bottle- a name which carries some history...

Junior Johnson is a legendary moonshiner from North Carolina and the Johnson family’s moonshine was considered to be the best around. Junior grew up tending to the family’s stills during the day and running ‘shine at night. Junior’s ability to make a car run flat-out, combined with his incredible skills behind the wheel made him a bootlegging legend. He went on to become one of the greatest drivers and team owners in racing history. In 2010, Junior Johnson was one of the five inductees in the inaugural class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Yes, this here is legal moonshine, but it has some roots in some redneck gangsta shenanigans…
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