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Item #: 1957405302019-WC-SO

NV Mosswood Espresso Aged American Whiskey 750ML

Our Price: $49.99
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Mosswood Espresso Aged American Whiskey 750ML (case of 12) NV
Case Price: $539.89(Save $59.99)
Product Description
Enjoy the Espresso Barrel aged Whiskey and its long standing history with Mosswood. This was our second ever release and are proud of its continued results. The finish is subtle yet bold, with hints of coffee balanced against a sweet undertone.

Once the whiskey has matured, it is finished in a barrel seasoned with a cold brew of Bicycle Coffee's Espresso Roast. As a result, the whiskey has notes of milk chocolate, roasted nuts, red fruits and coffee.

Because our cold brew needs are in large quantities for an average cafe, it took a certain cold brew set up to establish the right partnership. We landed it, and this collaboration lends a culinary exchange for Bicycle Coffee as well. Once our batch is complete, the barrel aged cold brew is served on tap at their cafe. After spending time in barrel, the cold brew is even more delicious!

We strive to work with companies that reflect our values. We love that Bicycle Coffee is direct trade with the coffee farmers, they roast their beans locally, in house, and their deliveries are made on bicycle. Here's to hoping we get our hands on one of their custom built bike trailers and upgrade our bike hauling capacity!
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