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Prichards Distillery

This Kelso, Tennessee based company has a broad portfolio of spirits that includes cream liqueurs, rum and whiskey. All are produced in small batches using traditional copper pot stills.

When opened in 1997, the Prichard's facility represented the first legal distillery to be built in the state in almost fifty years. And today this remains a family run operation using only the finest ingredients and turning out some award winning spirits.
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    Prichards Fine Rum 750ML
    Our Price: $42.99

    Benjamin Prichard's Lincoln County Lightning is a straight out of the still white lightning and a wonderful flavor of white corn straight off the cob. Bold yet surprisingly mellow, Ben will be sure to take his place as an intriguing new flavor to add to a variety of new cocktails.">
    Prichards Lincoln County White Lightning Whiskey 750ML
    Our Price: $24.99
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