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Templeton Rye Maple Cask 750ML

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Product Description

In the first of our innovative “Barrel Finish Series,” we are excited to introduce our Maple Cask Finish. We were delighted to collaborate with Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company on this project. Wood’s is a family run company who have been making Maple Syrup for the past 125 years. First, Wood’s produced and shipped fresh Maple Syrup from Randolph, VT to the Templeton Whiskey Distillery in Templeton, IA. From there, this quality Maple Syrup was heated up and filled into 80 ex-Templeton Rye barrels and left to sit for a period of 2 months. Our team turned each barrel daily to ensure that the Maple Syrup efficiently influenced the wood over time.

After that resting period and once the Maple Syrup was completely emptied from the barrels, they were then filled with Templeton Straight Rye Whiskey to mature and age for an additional 2 month period. Over this time, the sweet Maple Syrup notes that have soaked into the wood staves influenced the spicier tones of the Rye Whiskey, resulting in new, elegant notes of dark chocolate complimented by the additional time in Maple Syrup barrels. Once the secondary maturation was complete, the barrels were emptied and this exceptional whiskey was bottled at ABV 46% / 92 proof, delivering an authentic Maple Cask Finish Rye Whiskey. This limited release is an exciting and innovative addition to the Templeton whiskey portfolio.
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