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The Glenlivet 21 Year Archive Single Malt Scotch

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Deep in the cellars of The Glenlivet reside the distillery's most exceptional casks, set aside over the years by each Distillery Manager. There, the chosen casks mature to perfection, achieving an elegance that only a privileged few ever have the opportunity to appreciate. Now, our Distillery Manager opens the door to that special reserve, creating The Glenlivet Archive from casks that he has personally selected all aged at least 21 years, some 40 years or more. Released in limited quantites each year, The Glenlivet Archive offers qulaities that can only be attained over years of patient aging- a deep amber color, complex aromas of malted barley and oak, and an incomparable taste. This is a whisky that is meant to be leisurely sipped and savored, allowing the consumer to enjoy each nuance of a truly great single malt.
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