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Copper & Kings American Brandy

We're big fans of Copper & Kings at Ace Spirits. Check out our write up from our visit to the distillery or read this vanilla bullshit:

From the Producer: "Copper & Kings is an American brandy company based in Butchertown, Louisville, Kentucky. We make a dynamic American style brandy. We do not make derivative brandy. We make a differentiated, uncommon, unadulterated pure pot-distilled natural American brandy. Distilled in American copper potstills, matured in Bourbon barrels. Our signature house style is a little feisty, rambunctious with a long smooth finish.

We use traditional copper pot-distillation to forge untraditional craft-distilled natural, Pure Pot-still brandies. Our brandies are batch distilled exclusively in copper pot-stills, and are non-chill filtered with no added sugar, boise (powdered oak, shavings or infusion) other flavors, synthetic chemicals or caramel colorants for an uncorrupted, authentic, natural flavor, nose and color…"

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