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Gin has been produced for many centuries and has a rich history. It is typically a clear distillate with a strong flavor of juniper berry and a minimum alcohol-by-volume content of 40 percent (80 proof). In the U.S., it’s recognized in two forms: distilled and compound. To qualify as distilled gin, the spirit must be distilled in the presence of juniper berries—adding the berries post-distillation is not allowed. Compound gin, which is less desirable, is created by adding flavorings like juniper berries to a neutral spirit without re-distillation.

Many gin brands tout the botanical ingredients used during the distillation process (or after it), but the flavor of juniper berries is typically predominant. We’ve amassed an extensive selection of the spirit, despite it being produced by a relatively limited number of distillers. If you are mixing martinis, shaking up gin and tonics, or sipping on a Tom Collins, Ace Spirits is the place you should go to buy gin online.
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