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GlenAllachie Distillery

From the Producer: "In October 2017, Billy Walker, Trisha Savage and Graham Stevenson came together to purchase the GlenAllachie Distillery. With over 100 years’ experience between them, many would have expected our three veterans to retire. They’re just getting started…

Before acquiring GlenAllachie, the spirit was predominantly used in blended whiskies. So it’s no surprise that you probably haven’t heard of us. We’re here to introduce GlenAllachie into the world as the exceptional single malt we have come to love.

GlenAllachie derives from the Gaelic, Gleann Aileachaidh meaning ‘Valley of the Rocks’. The geology surrounding the distillery is dominated by Celtic runes and Pictish stones, and is the reason for the craftsmanship behind our unique branding. The GlenAllachie logo was skillfully designed and chiseled into stone by a local letter sculptor. We wanted to create something eye-catching, rare and true to the roots surrounding GlenAllachie. Not any old stone, not any old whisky either…"
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