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The Glenmorangie distillery sits on the shores of the Dornoch Firth in the Northern Highlands of Scotland. The area has a long history of alcohol production, as is often the case, with claims of illicit distillation going back as far as 1703. Glenmorangie itself was officially founded in 1843, although whisky wasn't actually produced at the distillery until six years later. When the distillery was being built, the owner ran short of money, and had to make due with tall, thin stills acquired second-hand from a gin distillery. This worked out just fine, creating a light and airy spirit, and to this day, all newly-made stills match that original shape.

Many distilleries struggled in the 1930s and 1940s as whisky shipments to the United States were disrupted by Prohibition, the Great Depression and then World War II. Glenmorangie was no exception, and in fact very nearly did not survive. The distillery was actually mothballed twice during that era. However, it was fully revived shortly after the war, and the number of stills was doubled twice by the end of the century.

Glenmorangie is very particular about the casks used for aging its whiskies, and the owners of the distillery actually own a forest in the Ozark Mountains to supply the wood. The Glenmorangie signet, printed on every bottle, was inspired by intricate Pict carvings on the Cadboll Stone, an ancient monument discovered in the area near the distillery.
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