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High West Distillery is a manufacturer of distilled spirits located in Park City, Utah, United States. It is the first legally licensed distillery in Utah since the end of the American Prohibition. The distillery operates, along with a saloon and restaurant, in an old livery stable dubbed "The National Garage", and in the adjacent historic Ellsworth J Beggs house, a two-story box house that was built in 1907. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places.

High West makes its spirits in small batches in a 250 gallon copper pot still. High West uses a combination still, which allows for both use as either a continuous/reflux still or separately a pot still; this allows for a variety of unique distillates to be produced. -Source: Wikipedia
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    High West American Prairie Bourbon Blend 750ML
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    High West Double Rye! Whiskey 750ML
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    We confess...we didn't coin the term "Yippee Ki-Yay". Moreover, we didn't paint the picture on the front label. It's an historic poster (Gift of The Coe Foundation and Henry B. Balink) now at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming (centerofthewest.org, you really ought to visit). Furthermore, we didn't distill the whiskeys in this bottle - it's our Double Rye! However, we did come up with a combination that we think will make you say...Yippee Ki-Yay drinkers of horrible tasting cheap flavored uisge beatha! One day, just for fun, we put Double Rye! into oak barrels that had originally been used to age two different types of wine and discovered an all-natural, not disgustingly-sweet sipper for the rest of us.

    Technical Details

    Ratio of whiskeys: top secret!

    Filtration: not chill-filtered, or carbon treated.

    Marriage of two straight rye whiskies

    The 2-year-old has a mashbill of 95% rye, 5% barley malt from LDI now MGP.

    The older rye has a "barely legal" rye mashbill of 53% rye and 37% corn from Barton Distillery.

    Barrel Type(s)

    Barrel types:

    Oak barrel that previously held Vermouth Barrel (Vya, Madera, CA),

    Oak barrel that previously held Qupé Syrah (Qupé Santa maria, CA)

    Nose: Warm baking spices with sweet cinnamon and clove spice, dried thyme, rosemary & desert sage with subtle black berry and cassis

    Taste: spiced maple and cinnamon, black cherry and raisin / spiced plums

    Finish: Dark caramel, currants & raisins, all interwoven with cinnamon / all spice complex

    Taste: A big, bold punch of cinnamon spice and blackberries on a foundation of vanilla and caramel, the long finish is dried orange rind and herbs.

    93 Points - The Tasting Panel Magzine

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    High West Yippee Ki-Yay Rye Blend Whiskey 750ML
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