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Isle of Jura Distillery

Distilling whisky has a history on the Isle of Jura, and legal distilling can be traced back to 1810 in the islandís only settlement, Craighouse. The distillery was licensed to Archibald Campbell. The distillery went through various names such as Caol nan Eilean, Craighouse, Jura, Small Isles, and changed owners as frequently. It had no real claim to fame until 1901 when Scotland went into a whisky sales slump, and a number of distilleries across Scotland, this one included, closed down. Distilling on Jura didn't resume until 1963 when Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith, two land owners decided to rebuild the distillery to boost the local economy. They were backed by Charles Mackinlay & Co., and the distillery was designed by William Delme-Evans. In 1978 the distillery was expanded to its current size. In 1985 Invergordon purchased Charles Mackinlay & Co. and merged to become Whyte & Mackay. In 2007 Whyte & Mackay was purchased by United Spirits, and in 2014 was sold to Emperador.

The distillery started producing a single malt offering in 1974 and the line up has steadily grown over the years. The number of still was increased from two to four in 1978. In 2002 Superstition was released and in 2009 Prophecy made its debut.
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