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Laphroaig Lore Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750ML

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Product Description
Lore is a marriage of classical Laphroaig styles and many ages of Laphroaig; some as old as vintage 1993. The marriage draws from the peaty power of Laphroaig with the smoothness of double matured stock finished in European oak hogsheads. Let us share with you the crafts behind this stunningly complex expression.

From 1815 to today, our precious water source gently filters through the layers of peat and is captured in our own reservoir before dripping down via the Kilbride stream through the FOL plots through to the distillery.

Laphroaig still uses its original malting floors as it contributes to the unique flavour of our whisky. We spread the green malt by hand, regulate the temperature opening windows and hand turn the malt using ploughs and sheils.

A legacy of our 200 year history is our cold smoke peating. Peat hand cut from our bogs situated close to the sea - is transferred to the ancient kilns with the malt laid out on the floor above. Several hours of cold smoking allows the barley to be infused until the right level of peat smoke is attained. This process handed down over the years gives the barley, layers of our famed rich smoky flavour and impacts on the medicinal notes of our whisky.

Once dried, our barley is left to rest for 21 days in preparation for milling. The secret of our grist has been passed on from distiller to distiller over time and is fused with the warmed peaty Kilbride stream to extract the sugars and flavours created during the malting process. It is then moved through to fermentation; mixing with bakers yeast and left until 8.5% alcohol is reached.

Our spirit moves through to distillation; entering our Spirit Stills where it is raised to 75% alcohol. It is at this point that we take the ‘heart’ of the spirit using the longest foreshot run in the industry. It is this and our unique Still shape that allows us to attain some of the characteristics that continue to define Laphroaig.

To create Lore we used both American oak and European oak. The former smaller barrels give the strong rich peaty flavours and a longer maturation for the large European Hogsheads until all the deep complexities are slowly released from the wood. Stored in our old dunnage warehouse beside the Atlantic the briny sea air replaces the Angels share in the barrels over the long sleep.
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