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Longrow is a line of peated whiskies distilled in the Campbeltown region of Scotland. They have a relatively high level of peat influence for a non-Islay single malt, making for a robust and fairly smoky whisky. Distilled and aged near the end of the long Kintyre peninsula, the whiskies have plenty of coastal character as well. There is a standard range of Longrow expressions, a few cask strength bottlings and also a growing number of wine aged or finished versions.

There was a working Longrow distillery at one time, founded in 1824. However, it was closed in 1896 and never reopened. In modern times, Longrow is the brand name for a line of peated expressions released by the Springbank distillery, which stands adjacent to the original Longrow facility. Springbank started drying some of their barley over a peat fire in 1973, releasing the first bottlings under the Longrow name just over a decade later.

The original Longrow warehouse still stands. These days, it is used as a bottling factory for Springbank whiskies, and thus, appropriately enough, for the Longrow expressions as well.
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