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Mortlach Distillery

Mortlach Distillery

Mortlach distillery was founded in 1823. It was the first licensed distillery in Dufftown taking its name from the abbey, and village that developed around it. The original founder, James Findlater was joined by Alexander Gordon and James Macintosh a year later. They were not able to keep the distillery running for longer than a decade as in 1831 Mortlach was sold to John Robertson for the silly amount of 270 GBP. This began several changes in ownership where Mortlach was inactive as far a distilling whisky is concerned. It was used as a church, a brewery, and when the Grant brothers (who owned Glen Grant) took over they removed all the distilling equipment and used it for their distillery in Rothes.

In 1852 Mortlach was turned back into a distillery will all new equipment and the whisky was used as a blending malt. Mortlach is still used an essential component of Johnnie Walker Black Label. In 1897 the number of stills was increased from 3 to 6 as railway to connect the distillery with the Dufftown train station. Electricity was installed in 1898 along with a hydraulic lift in the warehouse to assist with moving product to the upper floors. In 1923 Mortlach was sold the John Walker & Sons, which would develop into Distillers Company Limited and eventually Diagio.

In 1968 the distillery halted its floor maltings, obtaining malts from exterior sources. In 2014 4 new bottlings are announced as Diagio expanded the distillery. The 6 still configuration and technique of the distillery is quite unique in Scotland and results in a heavier whisky that leads to an ideal partnership with ex-sherry casks. The heavier whisky is also highly desired for blending purposes which meant there wasn't much available for single malt bottlings. To date there are 4 expressions of Mortlach single malts on the market. Rare Old, Special Strength, 18-year-old, and 25-year-old.
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    Appearance: Full Amber

    Nose: Rich and deep. A balance of oak and sandalwood. Light spice, charred toffee and red berries.

    Body: Medium to full bodied mouth texture.

    Palate: Sweet and spicy. Notes of demerara sugar, dark chocolate, cherry jam, light tobacco. Classic characteristics of Mortlach meatiness.

    Finish: Smooth and dry, with a palate of bitter plum.">
    Mortlach 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch
    Our Price: $52.99

    Appearance: Old Copper

    Nose: Dense, elegant & intriguing. Dried fruit, cedar wood, leather and tobacco.

    Body: Robust and rich. Palate clinging

    Palate: Robust palate with a coating of oiliness. Aromatic citrus. Hints of wood spice opening into a dark, meatiness of barbecue pork crackling. Berries, jam & cocoa nibs add brightness

    Finish: Deep and complex, with gingerbread, raisin and a hint of liquorice.">
    Mortlach 20 Year Old Single Malt Scotch
    Our Price: $209.99
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