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Other Styles of Whiskey

There's a bunch of other whiskey that just defies categorization. It's not a bouron, not a rye, it's just... whiskey. This here's a section for those without a proper home.
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    Ancient Age Whiskey 1L
    Our Price: $14.99
    Aristocrat Blended Whiskey 1L
    Our Price: $9.97
    Compare at: $12.00
    Banker's Club Blended Whiskey 1.75L
    Our Price: $13.98
    Compare at: $15.00

    AT EACH BOTTLING we’ll remove a portion of that whiskey and replace it with other barrels that will complement the remaining blend. We'll then repeat the process - bottling a portion and adding newly selected whiskeys each time.

    Barrell Bourbon Infinite Barrel Project


    by referring to the bottling date on the front label and going to that page on our site.


    The Infinite Barrel contains fractions of many whiskey barrels in a single blend, while a solera ends up with fractions of the original whiskey in many barrels. Our objective is to create a unique blend for every bottling. The solera process, however, is designed to create a consistent product every time.

    At its most basic, the solera process starts with a single barrel or group of barrels of a specific age. A fraction of the first group of barrels is put it in the second group of barrels, a fraction of that second group is put in the third group and so on. The solera process is designed and symmetrical. We think of our Infinite Barrel Project as a solera in reverse. It's unpredictable and asymmetrical, constantly evolving - even whimsical. We're certainly having fun blending it.">
    Barrell Infinite Barrel Project Whiskey January 15, 2019
    Our Price: $76.49
    Boondocks American Whiskey
    Our Price: $34.97
    Compare at: $43.00

    Tasting Notes – Rich copper color; tastes of buttery pecans, dried fruit and sweet jams; outstanding consistency and outdoorsy taste; wraps up with a peppercorn and "Camp Fire Smokey Finish."

    From the nation's oldest conservation organization, founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt, we've found these three handcrafted whiskies that reflect a passion for connecting with the great outdoors. Shop for Boone and Crockett Club Whiskey products and buy today at the best online liquor store.">
    Boone and Crockett Club Blended American Whiskey
    Our Price: $37.99
    Corsair Buckyeah Whiskey
    Our Price: $55.99
    Corsair Quinoa Whiskey
    Our Price: $54.99
    Du Nord Mixed Blood Blended Whiskey
    Our Price: $34.97
    Compare at: $43.00
    George Dickel Barrel Select Whiskey
    Our Price: $39.98
    Compare at: $44.00
    George Dickel Tabasco Barrel Finish Whiskey
    Our Price: $10.97
    Compare at: $27.00
    High West Campfire Whiskey
    Our Price: $64.98
    Compare at: $79.00
    Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof Whiskey
    Our Price: $64.98
    Compare at: $70.00
    Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey
    Our Price: $39.98
    Compare at: $50.00
    Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey 1L
    Our Price: $26.98
    Compare at: $32.00
    James Oliver American Whiskey
    Our Price: $27.97
    Compare at: $30.00

    We decided to bottle them up in five 200 milliliter experiments so you can try five different experiments and see for yourself how these small changes make a vast difference.">
    Jefferson's Wood Experiment Box Set
    Our Price: $89.98
    Compare at: $120.00
    JW Dant Bonded Whiskey 1L
    Our Price: $18.99
    King's Creek 9 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey
    Our Price: $24.97
    Compare at: $40.00

    Small Batch. Single Barrel. Unfiltered. Heart cut. Organic.">
    Koval Single Barrel Four Grain Whiskey
    Our Price: $44.98
    Compare at: $50.00

    Unfiltered 100% Millet. Heart Cut. Single Barrel. Organic and naturally gluten-free.">
    Koval Single Barrel Millet Whiskey
    Our Price: $44.98
    Compare at: $50.00

    Unfiltered 100% Oat. Heart Cut. Single Barrel. Organic.">
    Koval Single Barrel Oat Whiskey
    Our Price: $44.98
    Compare at: $50.00

    The road to Noe Simple Task started when I visited our Canadian distilleries in early 2017. I enjoy travelling to different places in the world to see how they distill their spirits. There, I was able to taste some great Canadian whisky straight out of the barrel. I was really drawn to the fruit and floral notes they achieve. I wanted to know more.

    Later in the year I went back for a deeper dive to learn all about their process. And taste some more great whisky. This was a step outside my comfort zone. The rules and laws for making whiskey in Kentucky that I grew up with don’t apply up there. But I came back inspired and began blending.

    Now, while the flavors of the Canadian whisky had piqued my interest, my heart still lies in Kentucky. So I was excited about the idea of bringing the best of both worlds together. Knowing I wanted to blend with Kentucky Straight Rye, I started experimenting with different Canadian whiskies, trying to pull in those fruity and floral notes. They use a lot of different barrels to age up there, so I was able to play around with a lot of different flavors. I was looking for something that would round out the blend and really showcase the nuances of both the American and Canadian whiskies. In the end, I found the 40-year-old whisky and 13-year-old rye helped me achieve exactly what I wanted—a truly balanced and refined whiskey with a nice, lingering finish that’s full of flavor.


    8-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

    40-Year-Old Canadian Whisky

    13-Year-Old Canadian Rye Whisky

    Color: Golden Amber

    Aroma: Caramel with soft spice and dried fruit notes

    Taste: Full bodied blend of seasoned Oak, spice and vanilla notes with hints of cinnamon

    Finish: Slightly lingering with a warm spice finish">
    Little Book Blended Whiskey- Chapter 2- Noe Simple Task- LIMIT ONE
    Our Price: $99.99
    Lonehand Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey
    Our Price: $12.97
    Compare at: $15.00
    Lovell Brothers Georgia Sour Mash Whiskey
    Our Price: $29.97
    Compare at: $35.00
    Mellow Corn Whiskey 1L
    Our Price: $14.99
    Midnight Moon Oak Cask American Whiskey
    Our Price: $16.97
    Compare at: $25.00
    Paniolo Blended Whiskey
    Our Price: $42.99
    Phillips Kentucky Blend Whiskey 1L
    Our Price: $7.97
    Compare at: $12.00

    The result is a masterful blend of two premium whiskies; one bringing the sweetness of grains and malt with an oak barrel finish; the other, a smooth whiskey that tastes like the caramel corn you enjoyed at the state fair as a kid. Both whiskies spent just the right amount of time aging.

    The combination of mash-bills consisting of Midwest corn, a little malt and a little rye makes a damn fine spirit that’s good enough to shoot, sip or mix.


    We know what it means to work hard. And its important to also have a taste of the "good life" every now and then. Thats why we cut no corners in creating the finest American Blended Whiskey on the market. You deserve it!

    Nose: Light Vanilla, Butterscotch Sweetness, Caramel with a bright touch of Honey.

    Flavor: Smooth Vanilla and the perfect touch of oak. Rich, full palate complexity with approachable sweetness, followed by honey dark stone fruit essence. Rounded out with Earthy grains.">
    Redneck Riviera Whiskey
    Our Price: $26.99
    Redwood Empire American Whiskey
    Our Price: $44.97
    Compare at: $57.00
    Slaughter House American Whiskey
    Our Price: $39.97
    Compare at: $49.00
    Stolen 11 Year Old American Whiskey
    Our Price: $34.97
    Compare at: $45.00
    Swift Single Malt Sauternes Finish Texas Whiskey
    Our Price: $39.97
    Compare at: $53.00
    Swift Single Malt Texas Whiskey
    Our Price: $34.97
    Compare at: $46.00
    Temperance Trader Chinato Barrel Aged Whiskey 375ML
    Our Price: $34.97
    Compare at: $43.00
    Tin Cup 10 Year Old American Whiskey
    Our Price: $49.98
    Compare at: $53.00
    Tin Cup American Whiskey
    Our Price: $29.99

    Before we knew it we had pictures of Honor Brand packages, Honor Brand advertisement and trade show displays, and a picture of the side of the building with a massive painted sign reading "The house of Honor Brand." And even better yet, honor brand’s slogan was "Honor Brand is better." Compared to the unpronounceable and opaque marketing ideas Joel & Emily come up with themselves, this seemed awfully straightforward. And so, 100 years from the first Honor Brand, the new Honor Brand was born in the same halls.

    After a whole lot of ball jars (have we mentioned how many ball jars there were?), Emily settled on "Hay and Sunshine" for our first Honor Brand blend. It’s a mixture of bourbon, scotch and rye. The Bourbon gives it a sunny disposition, with its cheerful caramel, butterscotch and vanilla sweetness. The Scotch cuts the sweetness a bit, contributing a cereal grain character. Finally the rye, a more grassy than spicy example, evokes a freshly mown hayfield. Run through the field. Rear up on your back legs, toss your mane and neigh. This is hay and sunshine.">
    Vikre Honor Brand Hay & Sunshine Whiskey
    Our Price: $51.99
    Wander North Uncharted Whiskey
    Our Price: $24.97
    Compare at: $33.00

    Aging takes place in a variety of barrels, including used French coopered pinot noir barrels, new American coopered whiskey barrels, and used American whiskey barrels. The whippersnapper is aged for between six months and two years, with an average time of about one year. For each bottling, eight barrels are specifically selected to make the best possible blend. Whippersnapper is then hand bottled, hand labeled, and hand waxed. Meticulous attention is paid to achieving perfection both in the bottle and out.">
    Whipper Snapper Oregon Whiskey
    Our Price: $29.97
    Compare at: $37.00
    Wicked 84 1/2 Proof Light American Whiskey
    Our Price: $14.97
    Compare at: $25.00
    Yahara Bay Wisconsin Whiskey
    Our Price: $29.97
    Compare at: $35.00
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