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Shinjiro Torii opened Torii Shoten, his first store in Osaka, Japan in 1899 to sell imported wines. In 1907 he began selling a sweet red wine by the name of Akadama Port Wine. In 1921 the store turned into Kotobukiya Company so it could expand its business. In 1923 Torii opened Yamazaki Distillery, Japans first malt whisky distillery. in 1924 production started and then in1929 Japans first malt whisky, Suntory Whisky Shirofuda was sold.

In 1963 Kotobukiya changed its name to Suntory after the whisky it distilled and in that same year Musashino Beer Factory began its production of Suntory Beer. 2007 saw Suntory become Japans sole bottler, distributor, and licensee of Pepsi products. In April of 2009 Suntory became Suntory Holdings Limited and then Suntory Beverage and Food Limited, Suntory Products Limited, Suntory Wellness Limited, Suntory Liquors Limited, Suntory Beer & Spirits Limited, Suntory Wine International Limited, and Suntory Business Expert Limited were all established.

Suntory also acquired the soft drink company Orangina and energy drink company Frucor in 2009. In 2013 Suntory Holdings Limited made close to $4 billion when it debuted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2014 Suntory bought Americas largest bourbon producer Beam Inc. for $16 Billion and Beam Inc. was renamed to Beam-Suntory.
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    Nose: Rose, Lychee, a hint of rosemary and sandalwood

    Palate: Honey like sweetness, candied orange peel, white chocolate

    Finish: Subtle, long finish">
    Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky (Limit 1) 750ML
    Our Price: $79.99

    Part of Haku’s unique creation process, the bamboo charcoal filtration is a Suntory proprietary method. Like a sponge, the charcoal absorbs the impurities present in the distillate, eliminating anything that might detract from the taste. This gives the vodka a clean and clear flavor. Moreover, the minerals from the bamboo charcoal add a remarkably smooth and mellow character.

    The use of bamboo charcoal for water filtration is one of the fundamentals of Japanese culture and goes back to ancient Japan where charcoal was said to "sweeten" the water for tea. It is known for its incredible filtering ability, which comes from its super-porous structure — 3 times more porous cavities per gram than other wood charcoal. As bamboo is a fast-growing plant, supply is abundant and sustainable in Japan.

    The product design harmonizes the Japanese traditional aesthetic with an evolving modernity. To convey it as a Japanese Craft Vodka, we use Japanese material with a touch of artisanal quality — simple and pure. Through the curved lines on the bottle, we represent the stream glistening through Japanese nature and Japan’s four seasons. The label design consists of Junpaku (pure-white) washi paper — representing the beauty of Japanese white rice, which is the soul of this vodka — and Kanji calligraphy "Haku" with sumi ink, as well as red and gold colors only. The result: a minimal and modern Japanese design, free of unnecessary adornments.">
    Suntory Haku Japanese Craft Vodka 750ML
    Our Price: $36.49

    The Atelier owns four distinct types of pot stills and, in a process unique to ROKU,

    the botanicals are distilled separately according to each feature of botanicals to extract the best flavour and maintain their individual characteristics.

    For instance, the delicate scent of cherry blossom is drawn out through vacuum distillation in stainless pot stills,

    whereas the deep flavour of yuzu is achieved by distillation in copper pot stills.

    ROKU's complex, yet harmonious flavor is the result of the unique Japanese sensitivity captured

    in the blending of the carefully crafted extracts of the 14 botanicals.">
    Suntory Roku Japanese Craft Gin 750ML
    Our Price: $36.49

    It's a concept rich in meaning the world over,

    but particularly in Japan where respect for tradition and reinvention sparks a powerful creative energy. Inspired by that interplay, Suntory Whisky Toki brings together old and new -the House of Suntory's proud heritage and its innovative spirit- to create blended Japanese whisky that is both groundbreaking and timeless.

    Toki whisky

    A vivid blend of whiskies from Suntory's Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Chita distilleries, Suntory Whisky Toki features the quintessential characteristics of a Suntory Whisky blend: exquisite balance, harmony, and oneness.

    At the same time, its unique pairing of Hakushu American white oak cask malt whisky with Chita heavy-type grain whisky overturns the traditional hierarchy between malt and grain.

    These seemingly dissimilar but deeply accordant whiskies,

    together with select Yamazaki malts for additional depth and complexity, gives Suntory Whisky Toki its silky taste,

    vivid character, and bold inventiveness.">
    Suntory Whisky Toki Blended Japanese Whisky 750ML
    Our Price: $29.98
    Compare at: $45.00
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