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From the Producer: "Daniel E. Williams was certainly made of the rare stuff. His earliest days in the distillery were spent shovelling malted barley; his nights spent sleeping in the hayloft. He was the ultimate self-made man, propelling himself quickly through the ranks. In 1873 he became General Manager and ultimately owner of the distillery. Single-handedly, he began to turn a good whiskey great. Some time later, this accomplished, he proudly marked every bottle from the Tullamore Distillery with the initials D.E.W.

Although the vision of Daniel E. Williams was focused keenly on the craft of whiskey making, his passion was such that his influence had much further reaching consequences. In order to make his whiskey his way, Williams brought electricity, motorised cars and the telephone to Tullamore town.

Daniel E. Williams and his family were the first to create an Irish blended whiskey. What was once a brilliant innovation has become the signature of almost all Irish whiskeys to this day. Tullamore D.E.W. is a blend of all three types of triple distilled Irish whiskey. This triple distillation gives our whiskey an accessible smoothness, while the triple blend brings out its famous gentle complexity.

From the 1830s to the 1930s the fortunes of Irish whiskey abroad waxed and waned. For some time, it was a highly fashionable drink in the stylish bars of the world's major cities. But prohibiton, two World Wars and Ireland's economic war with Britain made it difficult to export. Thankfully, Daniel E.Williams prevailed, navigating the waves of history with a steady hand. His sheer grit ensured that Tullamore D.E.W. continued to be distilled and enjoyed worldwide."
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