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Welcome to Whiskey-Heaven! Whether you're looking for a great bottle of bourbon, a rare bottle of scotch whisky, or some obscure dram from half way around the world, Ace Spirits has you covered. We've got an incredible selection of whisk(e)y on these pages, so root around a bit and see if anything strikes your fancy. Recognized by Whisky Magazine as 2017 Online Retailer of the Year, we are here to make your liquid dreams come true.
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    Exclusive Hand Selected Whiskey Barrels from Ace Spirits

    Hand selected whiskey barrels by Ace Spirits mean you get the very best quality product at an attractive price.

    When you bill yourself as a whiskey shop, you damn well better believe in the products you sell. These here are some of our favorites- at least the distillers that would sell us entire barrels! When possible, we have our whiskey bottled at barrel strength and we only select barrels that we stand behind. Whiskey barrels can take some time to get in, so stay tuned for more arrivals!

    Exclusive Barrels
    -The whiskey must be produced in the US (not necessarily Kentucky)
    -Must be made with a mashbill of at least 51% corn
    -Aged in charred, NEW American oak barrels. (can't be reused)
    -Distilled no higher than 80% Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    -Enters the barrel at no higher than 62.5% ABV
    -Must be bottled with an ABV of 40% or higher
    Bourbon is produced all over the US, from New York to Bourbon County, Kentucky to the shores of California and despite the controls on the product, each producer maintains their own twist on this American Classic.">
    Bourbon Whiskey
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