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From the Distillery- "In the mid-1800s, prominent whisky baron J.P. Wiser began a long tradition of Canadian whisky making. Wiser’s ambition for his distillery was simple – to produce the highest quality whisky that pleases the nose, tongue, and eye.

In the hands of J.P. Wiser, this process was one that could not be sacrificed by rushing. According to J.P. Wiser, “Quality is something you just can’t rush. Horses should hurry, but whisky must take its time.”

Using only superior ingredients, he aged his whisky to distinction in premium white oak barrels. Over the years the tradition has been passed down, and even today, Wiser’s whisky is the same whisky envisioned and developed by J.P. Wiser himself. It is still handmade using traditional methods to ensure that the final product still lives up to the standards set out by J.P. Wiser over 150 years ago."
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